How to Find and Hide your IP Address?

How to Find and Hide your IP Address?

If you have spent uncountable hours and minutes on the internet, you have likely heard or come across the phrase IP Address – or IP for short. However, before we get into the crux of this article, allow me to give you a brief (re)introduction:

A real IP address is formed by combining the phrases ‘IP (Internet Protocol)’ and ‘Address.’ In the Internet, data is exchanged using the Internet Protocol (IP).

IP addresses, however, are unique identifiers assigned to every internet-connected device. Imagine it as a car license plate number and the fact that two cars cannot have identical plates on the road.

The IP address is your network/service’s ID card for identifying a device on the internet. As for the device, we’re talking about smartphones, laptops, home appliances, printers, etc.

Let’s dive in and discuss in detail how you can find your IP address and hide it. 

How to Find Your IP Address?

Your computer will have two IP addresses if it is connected to the internet and your local network. There will be a private IP address on your local network and a public IP address online. To connect your computer or other devices to a home or business network, you need a private IP address. Your network router normally assigns this address.

Typically, private IP addresses lie in the range or is an example of a private IP address.

The IP address of your private computer can be discovered in a few ways. Using the command prompt on Windows, you can type ipconfig. Likewise, Mac users can use the Terminal app to type ifconfig.

An IP address is a number that connects your home or business network to the internet. Your internet service provider is responsible for assigning this address (ISP). You can find your public IP address by visiting in your web browser. In addition to displaying your IP address, this site displays other information regarding IP addresses.

You will also have a public IP address if you have a WordPress website. When you sign up with your hosting provider or check the email, they sent you. You can find out its address.

How to Hide Your IP Address?

To avoid leaving digital footprints, to by-pass geolocation restrictions, to evade spam and (annoying) targeted ads, to circumvent content filters, and to prevent web tracking. In addition to privacy concerns, many internet users actively seek out ways to hide their Internet identities.

As mentioned earlier, IP addresses work like ID cards but for electronic devices on the internet. In the same way that physical identification cards in your wallet contain sensitive information about you, you wouldn’t want to hand them over to strangers.

So, here are some ways you can hide your IP address:

1. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

In the world of internet anonymity, VPNs are one of the most popular and reliable methods. As well as hiding your identity, VPNs offer a secure connection, let you access restricted websites in different regions, and let you pick the decoy country you want to appear as. Some countries, like England, do not place many restrictions on web browsing. However, if you’re concerned about the government recording your activity, using the UK’s best VPN server ensures your privacy is protected, whether you’re engaging in online banking, browsing social media, or working remotely.

Even though VPN consumes a small amount of data and slightly slows down internet speeds, it provides users with the security they need.

2. Public WiFi

The use of public WiFi only works temporarily to hide your IP address. Public WiFi allows you to hide only your usual IP address, not your usage location, which means you can’t bypass geolocation restrictions because you’ll be using the WiFi’s address to hide your address.

It is also important to know that using public WiFi isn’t the safest option, as it carries significant security risks.

3. Proxy Server

Proxy servers (or proxies) redirect or reroute your devices through another computer, masking your actual IP address. There are some similarities between proxy servers and VPNs, but they perform almost the same functions differently. It has also been reported that proxy servers slow the speed of the internet and pose some security risks.

4. Using Browsers

There are certain web browsers that provide users with the option of masking their IP addresses while using them. There’s a famous and good example of this called “Tor Browser.”. Opera, for example, has a free VPN integrated for hiding your online identity.

It is totally understandable and sometimes necessary to hide your identity (read: IP address). The above ways will help you to hide your IP address.

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Your IP address is the most important thing when you are using the internet because, as we have mentioned above that, it is your digital identity on the internet. Moreover, if someone finds your IP address, you may face dire consequences. So, in this article, we have discussed how you can find and hide your IP address.

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