High Risk Pregnancy at Niraamaya Clinic

High Risk Pregnancy at Niraamaya Clinic

If you are pregnant at high risk, professional care from an obstetrician and gynecologist in Delhi is absolutely essential. These cases require more intensive monitoring as well as lifestyle modifications during antenatal visits.

Dr. Bhumika Shukla has redefined high risk pregnancy in Delhi as an intricate tapestry, slowly untangling risks while creating an environment in which mothers-to-be can safely give birth.

Specialized Care

Pregnancy can be an emotional and physically taxing time for women, and can bring with it numerous complications that threaten both mother and baby’s wellbeing. Therefore, it is crucial that women consult a specialist before embarking on pregnancy in order to take necessary precautions and ensure as smooth an experience as possible. Risk factors that increase chances of high-risk pregnancies include existing medical conditions in mother such as high blood pressure, organ diseases and autoimmune disorders in addition to age – women over 35 tend to have higher-risk pregnancies than others.

Women should visit a gynecologist with extensive experience treating high-risk pregnancies to assess and provide tailored care that ensures a successful pregnancies. Furthermore, these professionals may recommend lifestyle changes that will lower risks during gestation.

Dr. Rupali Chadha has years of experience handling high-risk pregnancies. She works closely with patients to develop personalized plans that address their unique needs, from surgical management, MTP (medical termination of pregnancy) and hysterosalpingography procedures, to ovarian monitoring – among many other procedures. She has practiced at renowned institutions such as ITS Surya Hospital and Delhi Government Hospital.

An unexpected pregnancy can be challenging, but with proper support from a gynecologist it can be managed successfully. They will assist the expectant mom by making sure she takes all appropriate supplements, participates in regular physical activity, and consumes nutritious diet. They may even provide counseling on preconception planning strategies in order to lower her risks in future pregnancies.

An experienced gynecologist will offer their expert services throughout a pregnant woman’s journey and after she gives birth. They will offer guidance regarding nutrition, supplements, vitamins and folic acid in order to promote optimal baby development and conduct regular check-ups to monitor development while being able to detect issues before they become serious.


Niraamaya Clinic doctors are highly-skilled professionals with years of experience managing complex maternal-fetal cases, offering compassionate care and guidance during every step. Committed to helping women through the process of conception and carrying healthy babies safely, these professionals ensure any complications are managed as efficiently as possible to protect mother and baby during gestation. Furthermore, Niraamaya Clinic physicians specialize in PCOS management as well as managing repeated miscarriage management.

They specialize in surgical management, forceps and vacuum delivery, MTPs, follicular monitoring, hysterosalpingography, as well as forceps/vacuum delivery of MTPs/Follicular Trackers/Hysterosalpingography. Their experience can be found at esteemed institutions such as ESI Hospital and Kailash Hospital & Heart Institute; moreover they have published various articles and presented at national/international conferences.

Not only can these professionals offer prenatal care, they also specialize in post-partum and menopause management services. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and procedures to make your pregnancy as safe and comfortable as possible. Furthermore, regular follow up visits are conducted in order to monitor both you and your unborn baby’s wellbeing – as well as understand any risk factors which lead to high-risk pregnancies so as to recommend appropriate treatments accordingly.

Women today are waiting longer before starting families, increasing the chance of high-risk pregnancies that require specialized care. At Niraamaya Clinic, our doctors are specially trained to recognize signs of high-risk gestations and provide necessary protections to both mother and baby during this stage.

High-risk pregnancies can be daunting and stressful, which is why it is essential to consult a specialist who specializes in this area. A specialist will give you peace of mind as you go through this exciting time in your life. Your healthcare provider can also offer helpful tips to reduce complications during pregnancy. This may include receiving proper nutrition, abstaining from alcohol and smoking, as well as being sure you are not overweight – these strategies will go a long way to improving the quality of your gestation and decreasing risks of complications. Get help today to begin building a healthy and happy family. Dr Sheetal Agarwal specializes in gynaecology and high-risk pregnancy care and can guide you through every stage of this journey. She is well-known obstetrician in Delhi with extensive experience treating high-risk patients.

Compassionate Care

When pregnant mothers face high-risk pregnancies, it is crucial that they seek assistance from maternal-fetal medicine specialists. These experts possess in-depth knowledge about the main causes behind high risk gestations and can recommend and perform necessary tests and procedures such as ultrasound scans, amniocentesis, and chorionic villus sampling (CVS). With greater insight into your risk factors and gestation, these specialists can create tailored treatment plans in order to guarantee a healthy baby.

Many factors can contribute to a high-risk pregnancy, including medical conditions that the mother may have before or during gestation, prior experiences of miscarriage or early labor and carrying twins or triplets. Some women may also be at higher risk due to age; complications during their gestation could increase substantially.

High risk pregnancy specialists can help you avoid these challenges by conducting regular medical consultations. This allows for continuous tracking of both you and the health of your unborn baby during gestation. Furthermore, these doctors may offer lifestyle advice – for instance they could suggest healthy diet plans and the most suitable preconception vitamins for pregnancy.

Pre-eclampsia is one of the more serious complications of high risk pregnancy, but can be treated effectively through medication and monitoring. Your doctor can spot it by measuring blood pressure and urine protein content as well as performing ultrasound scans or non-stress tests to monitor baby’s heart rate.

Dr. Sheetal Agarwal is an accomplished maternal-fetal medicine specialist who specializes in high-risk pregnancies. She works closely with each of her patients to customize a treatment plan tailored specifically for them and ensure that pregnancy runs as smoothly and safely as possible; receiving only the highest level of care from Dr. Agarwal throughout their gestation.

Convenient Location

High risk pregnancies refer to pregnancies where the health of both mother and fetus is put in greater peril compared to normal pregnancies, such as maternal age over 35, prior miscarriages, autoimmune diseases or other medical conditions in the mother; it requires more frequent antenatal checkups as well as closer monitoring of the fetus’ wellbeing.

An experienced specialist doctor in this field can help ensure a pregnancy with minimum discomfort and maximized odds for healthy outcomes. She will also offer advice regarding prenatal preparations and postnatal care as well as answer any queries about health during or post gestation. Finally, their presence can give peace of mind and boost your confidence levels during a trying time in life.

Niraamaya understands the delicate nature of high-risk pregnancies is something we take very seriously and strive to provide each patient with individualized care. Our team of specialists includes maternal-fetal medicine specialists, genetic counselors and sonographers that collaborate together to identify potential complications and provide optimal results for our patients.

Our Delhi clinic is conveniently situated, making it easier for women throughout the city to access our specialized care. Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities such as ultrasound machines and genetic screenings, as well as experienced gynecologists and neonatologists capable of handling even complex cases, women from across Delhi can quickly receive the assistance they require at our clinic.

High-risk pregnancy is one of the primary contributors to neonatal morbidity and mortality in India, particularly among rural areas and those from lower socioeconomic status backgrounds. Northeastern states show higher prevalence rates. Therefore, providing proper healthcare and education to expectant mothers may help mitigate risks and improve health during their pregnancies.

Niraamaya Clinic at Niraamaya Centre of High Risk Pregnancy offers expert care during complex pregnancies, ensuring both mother and fetus remain safe during gestation. We listen carefully to each of our patients, listening carefully to address their concerns about complications while providing educational sessions on how to prevent future problems arising and what steps to take if one does. As trusted providers for pregnant mothers in Delhi, our doctors at High Risk Pregnancy offer exceptional support during a high-risk gestation.

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