How to Evade Disaster When Writing Your First Ebook and Make It Successful?

How to Evade Disaster When Writing Your First Ebook and Make It Successful?

If you are just starting out in the writing world and want to write an incredible first Ebook, you should be aware of all the mistakes that first-time Ebook writers make. These do’s and don’ts will define the future of your book.

You can also take help from the Ebook writing service and get professionals to write you a successful Ebook. But if you are determined to write your own Ebook, be aware of these mistakes and you’ll effortlessly write your first Ebook!

How Writers Turn Their Ebook into a Disaster?

Yes, the Ebook in your head sounds amazing but that doesn’t mean that if you take up the entire task yourself, it’s going to become famous overnight. We know that you have imagined the front cover and your name in big letters.

So, what should you avoid to evade the list of embarrassing Ebook writers? Well if you want to take your writing career to the next level, we have compiled a list of mistakes that many writers have made that you should stay clear of that will help you become one of the best Ebook writers!

  • Choosing Wrong Topics

When writers are deciding upon a topic for their Ebook, they are tempted to choose the topic which is trending, thinking that it will bring the most profit. This is a big mistake, as a lot of people are thinking the same thing, so if you write an Ebook on a trending topic, it will get lost in the throng of many Ebooks that are being written.

A trending topic will also require you to do a ton of research because even if it is famous, it doesn’t mean that you are aware of it. So, to save yourself from all the trouble of endless researching to make a successful Ebook, you should choose a topic that you are well aware of and is one that interests you.

Writers also think that the perfect Ebook is one that their readers need. You shouldn’t decide what they need, ask them their choice instead. How do you do that? Run a survey among your loyal readers, they’ll gladly tell you what kind of Ebook they would like to read.

  • Writing from a Writer’s Perspective and not Think About Publishing

Ebook writers mostly self-publish their books, therefore they are writers as well as publishers. But the mistake these writers often make is that when writing and planning their Ebook, they write solely from a writer’s perspective. There is no selling point in their book.

What you should do is plan your selling pages when you are starting your book. Use words and phrases that will compel your audience and be the selling point of your book. You need to think like a marketer as well!

  • Beginning Without a Plan

Another common mistake among writers is that they pick up their pen or laptop and start writing without a plan. Don’t ever do that. You will go into disarray in the middle of your book if you don’t plan ahead. So, what should you do?

You need an outline. Before starting your book. Gather all your research, make a list of things that you plan to mention in the book, and organize them in a manner that your book interconnects with each chapter and flows smoothly!

  • Taking Up the Editing and Proofreading Task Yourself

Many first-time writers think that they are the experts so they don’t need an editor. But that is not the case. You might be the expert but when you have been working on something for a long time, then finding minor mistakes can be quite difficult and you end up skimming over them.

Hiring a professional editor and proofreader can be beneficial for you as a third eye can detect mistakes that one person cannot. You can even ask someone to volunteer as an editor and have someone else read your work.

  • Reviewing the Ebook with a Microscope Instead of Seeing the Bigger Picture

On the opposite side, writers also keep looking and correcting minor mistakes and fail to see the bigger obvious mistakes like one chapter is smaller than the others or your plots aren’t aligning with each other.

So, instead of focusing your attention on minor mistakes, you should first completely read your book in pdf form before starting to edit it. This way, when you have a read-only document, you will not be tempted to edit the small mistakes, you’ll be forced to concentrate on the whole picture.

  • Designing the Front Cover, Yourself

Unless you’re a professional designer, designing the cover of your Ebook will be a big mistake. Why? Because no matter how much you deny it, people always judge a book by its cover. You don’t want to make your book look amateurish when you’re planning to sell it on big platforms like amazon.

Do the right thing and hire a professional designer. If you really want to design it yourself and don’t have the budget to get an expert, keep the cover as simple and straightforward as you can. To be the best, look at many examples beforehand!

  • Giving in to Your Inner Perfectionist

Yes, we agree that quality matters but scrutinizing every word like searching a needle in a haystack would never work. You’ll be wasting your time. If you keep proofreading your content a thousand times, you’ll never be able to finish and publish it.

What you need to do is give yourself a deadline and accept the fact that plucking the 99 mistakes is enough. All professionals make mistakes occasionally; you don’t notice them every time because nobody looks at every word, they just want to know the ending of the story!

Final Thoughts

So, now you know the most common mistakes that Ebook writers make and you can evade them. However, mistakes are a part of life and we always learn from them. Otherwise, how will we become successful when we don’t face any obstacles along the way. So, if want to make a name for yourself among the most famous writers, start your Ebook writing journey today!

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