A Guide to Creating a Mobile Workshop

A Guide to Creating a Mobile Workshop

Every tradesperson should have an organised mobile workshop, as they can work whenever and wherever they want each day. It is a must-have for any hardworking professional who often carries heavy equipment and tools, as it will create a more efficient environment.

After all, you could repair problems at a customer’s roadside instead of returning to a workshop. If you want to transform your working life, speed up projects and increase customer satisfaction, read this guide to creating a mobile workshop.

Invest in a Reliable, Customisable Transit Van

A transit van is a staple for most tradespeople, from plumbers and electricians to carpenters and landscapers. If you are looking for an adaptable, dependable vehicle with ample space for a mobile workshop, you cannot go wrong with a Ford Transit sports van. Available in various sizes, you can customise the van to suit your specific needs, and it can provide plenty of storage space for your equipment.

Add Clever Storage Solutions

It is critical to incorporate various storage solutions into a mobile workshop, as it will ensure every tool has its place in the transit van. For example, you would be wise to separate hand-held tools from power tools to ensure you know exactly where the items are when needed.

Some companies can even professionally install mobile workshop cabinets and shelving, which you can add to the left and right side of a van to create a more organised, efficient space. Also, introduce containers and cases to house various small parts and accessories, and don’t forget to label them to save time and effort.

Carry a Generator

If you plan to use various electrical equipment in your mobile workshop at home or in a customer’s driveway, you would be smart to add a generator for quick and easy access to electricity. By doing so, you can quickly power up an electric drill or saw on the way to a customer’s address or when working at the roadside.

Introduce LED Lighting

Prevent mistakes in your mobile workshop by adding LED lighting, which is available in different sizes and shapes to suit your needs. LED puck lights are a great option, as you can apply them to various areas of a van, such as its ceiling, walls, or flooring to illuminate a space. Also, you can choose battery-powered lights to take pressure off a generator, and they typically last up to 50,000 hours. It’s an easy, low-cost way to shine a spotlight on your tools and equipment.


A mobile workshop can save time and energy while boosting your job satisfaction. As it allows you to work anywhere you want, you can complete projects at a faster rate, which may help you secure repeat customers and generate positive word of mouth.

Also, a mobile workshop will provide more freedom to travel for work, as you could complete projects in many more locations to increase your customer base and annual revenue. Therefore, it could provide an excellent return on your investment in time.

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