Use All the Support That You Can Get Inside The World of Online Cycling

Use All the Support That You Can Get Inside The World of Online Cycling

If you are planning to use the Vingo app for your Online cycling then there is nothing else that you need. The app includes all the important things that you need. In fact, if you are occupied with your regular day to day work, you will find it hard and daunting to segregate some time for your fitness and exercises. With this new app, you will be more than happy to workout daily. The best thing with the app is that you can get a lot of support and help from the online world.

Get Support from the Elites & Professional Cyclists in Vingo

Getting support inside the Vingo app is not only restricted or limited to the usage of the app. You can even get expert advice and tips from professional cyclists and runners. This way, you can improve your cycling styles and also get better at it. They can guide you to utilise the app to the fullest and reach your goals. You can find amazing professionals on the app and the best part of the app is, it is always online. One or the other person will be using it from some part of the world and hence you will get constant support.

Connect Your Cycle with the Vingo App Using Bluetooth

In order to get better at cycling, you actually have to cycle on a daily basis. With the Vingo app, you get a completely new user experience which will help you to get better with every passing day. For creating wonderful sessions of Indoor cycling, all that you need to do is get an exercise bike and connect the cycle to your app. This can be achieved in a number of ways. First of the methods is to directly use the bluetooth in the bike to connect it with the mobile phone. However, this is not possible in the old models of the cycles. In such a case, you can find ANT+ sensors and other third party sensors that can bridge the gap between the exercise bikes and your app.

Customise Your Workouts Based On Your Personal Needs

After connecting the bike with your Indoor cycling app, you can customise the workout sessions. You can choose the place where you want to workout. Or you can even customise the duration for which you want to exercise. These are all subjective and depend on your personal health level and fitness goals. You can also choose the weather in which you will be working out inside the virtual world of Vingo.

Race with your Friends and Family or Create Your Tribe Inside Vingo

Another interesting thing about the running app is that you can use it to create your own tribe of runners and cyclists inside the virtual world. For instance you can invite your friends and family to join you in the online world. The vingo app comes with the ability to create as many as 8 profiles under one account. So, all the more merrier that you can use the same app.

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