Types of bets on cricket

Types of bets on cricket

So, you want to start betting on cricket, but how much do you know about it? To understand what kind of bets you can make in the game, what are the profitable tournaments and how to bet on players, you need to know how the game works. As with choosing a bookmaker, this is not an optional thing. This is because guesswork doesn’t work in cricket — visit website. Cricket is a game of strategy, no luck, and you have to approach it that way.

  • What should you learn?
  • How different formats work
  • Bets tied to each format, such as match bets, innings runs, top bowlers, etc.
  • The best tournaments and their timing.

And the best way to learn about it is not only to read about cricket matches, but also to watch them.

Cricket betting options

Victory – who will win the duel. A draw is possible in the game (by score or time), but bookmakers do not add this outcome to the list. If the result is a draw, the deal is calculated as a return (with a coefficient of 1.0).

  • Winning the Tournament – 12-20 teams participate in the competition, which makes it easier to predict the champion.
  • Total – the number of wides, run-outs and runs.
  • Additional bets – the best bowler and batsman of the meeting, bets on the performance of individual players, total runs in an over, score after 6 overs and others.

Event analysis

When matches stretch to 5 days, stamina is more important than technique and tactics. Most of all, the result is influenced by the form of teams and individual athletes, so study the statistics of specific performers and the team as a whole. Also during this time, the weather changes, which makes adjustments to the outcome.

Competitions have different formats that differ in rules and duration. When analyzing, consider what type of matches the team plays in.

The game of national teams is different at home and in away meetings. It’s one thing when India goes to neighboring Pakistan, where the climate is similar. And another thing, if she has to travel to South Africa, the athletes will need time to adapt. Be mindful of team fatigue, analyze the motivation of rivals and the weather forecast.

A look at the broadcast before the bet

Many bettors turn to the broadcast only after they place a bet. But in such a situation, you can bet at the wrong time. Parallel viewing of the match will help to avoid this.

It is advisable to refuse to bet at the moment when the opponent is in a winning position (corner or dangerous free kick in football, most in hockey). In addition, it is on the broadcast that you can see that the athlete is limping, experiencing discomfort, and was injured. And even if the coefficients do not yet reflect this, the bettor may well take advantage of the current situation.

Automatic bid redemption

Events in a match do not always turn out the way a bettor needs. But there is an opportunity to save at least some money by redeeming the bet. This option assumes that the user evaluates the situation, and then, if he is completely sure that his bet will fail, he buys a certain amount of money from the bookmaker, which is calculated depending on how the quotes for the selected outcome have changed.

But not everyone has the opportunity to spend a lot of time watching the match, tracking the events taking place in it. Therefore, you can set up automatic bid redemption. As soon as the cashout amount reaches a certain level (for example, 50% of the amount of funds deposited), the operation will be performed automatically. This option is well suited if the bettor does not have access to the bookmaker’s website for the duration of the event.


The sport is easy to analyze. Analyze statistics, form, motivation, and weather. Don’t forget about tournament formats, which differ in nuances in the rules and duration of fights. Cricket is bet by amateurs who distort the line and odds. If you master the basics of discipline, you can find values and be in the black.

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