Things to do near mumbai

Things to do near mumbai


Are you looking for incredible destinations close to Mumbai to make unforgettable moments with loved family members? Mumbai dream city offers a wide array of tourist attractions that range from hilltops to religious sites as well as picnic spots that offer peace and tranquillity.

Weekend getaways in Mumbai offer a tranquil getaway from the bustle of urban life.

  1. Pawna Lake (117.3 kilometers from Mumbai)

Pawna Lake, an artificial lake that is surrounded by nature. It is a popular camping spot among Pune as well as Mumbai residents. Other thrilling activities offered there include paragliding and hiking, ridge dancing and advanced kiting making it among the top tourist spots near Mumbai.

The stark contrast of the landscape and the glistening blue lake water is stunning.

The most famous attractions are Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort.

  1. Kolad (110 kilometers from Mumbai)

Kolad is a hamlet of a tiny size located in Maharashtra’s renowned Raigad district. It is referred to for being the “Rishikesh of Maharashtra” because of its many scenic valleys offering stunning panoramic views over the hills dotted with mist and the lush evergreen forest. The lush greenery, crystal flowing streams that are clear, and the tranquil environment add to the beauty of this charming town.


Kolad offers a range of tourist attractions that are appealing to all types of tourists. It is also possible to visit the peaceful Tamhini Ghat and take in the stunning views of the hills surrounding. You can also enjoy a wonderful picnic while looking at the breathtaking Devkund Waterfalls at the Bhira Dam. The old Ghosala Fort, as well as Kuda Caves are two of Kolad’s most well-known tourist sights. . Talgad Fort. The most popular adventure sports are hiking in the Plus Valley and hiking to the Devkund Waterfalls.

  1. Lonavala (89 kilometers away from Mumbai)

Lonavala is among the most picturesque escapes away from the raging rush of cities. . The hill station is located just 96 kms to the from Mumbai and 64 kilometres to the west of the modern city of Pune. Lonavala is one of the cities with the highest roads between the two cities because of its central place on the expressway Mumbai-Pune.

These include stunning waterfalls, amazing caves, serene lakes along with lush valleys.

The stunning cut into the rock Bhaja along with Karla caves located in Lonavala have amazed visitors with their ancient beams and the inscriptions.

  1. Kamshet (102. 2 kms away from Mumbai)

Pune is 45 kilometers from the city, Lonavala and Khandala are 16 kilometers from each other, and Mumbai is just 110 kilometers away. Kamshet is an abundant flora and fauna-rich fairytale surrounded by the Western Ghats and adorned by the Sahyadri ranges. It is a beautiful place with a warm and welcoming atmosphere and a rich heritage of culture and its captivating appeal will entice you.


The flowing waterfalls, monasteries, stunning temples, and magnificent hills symbolize tranquility. This is a paradise for paragliders . it is among the top ten adventure destinations. As as a result there’s a lot of paragliding and flying school there. Due to its perfect climate and topography Kamshet is among India’s top paragliding locations. Shinde Wadi Hills, Tower Hill, Shelar, and Kondeshwar Cliff are among the top paragliding spots within the region.

  1. Karnala (55. 7 kms from Mumbai)

Karnala is one of the cities located in Karnala, which is located in the Raigad district located in Maharashtra, India. The city is located about 65 kilometres from Mumbai’s centre , and around 16 kilometres from Panvel. It is easy to get to your favourite tourist spot. Karnala is awash with beautiful nature, both flora as well as fauna. The monsoon time is a great time to observe the stunning lush greenery throughout.

bird sanctuary

Karnala is well-known as a bird sanctuary. the home of more than 150 bird species and a variety of wild animals, including wild rhesus monkeys as well as boars.. While in Karnala you may also go to Prabalgad Fort, Adai Waterfall, Khandala, Ambarnath Shiva Temple as well as Elephanta Caves. Karnala is a favourite among adventure seekers, as also nature and architecture fans. Karnala has been for a long time a well-known trekking destination.

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