The Most Ratchet Asian Girl: Which Asian girl is the most ratchet?

The Most Ratchet Asian Girl: Which Asian girl is the most ratchet?

The most ratchet Asian girl, We all have that one friend who does some things that might just be considered ratchet by her own culture, but then again, she also might be seen as the most ratchet person in her family! We’re talking about girl drama on a whole other level! Who’s more ratchet than your favorite Asian girl? Vote up the most rachet Asian girl below! Vote down if you think she’s too classy or not ratchet enough! Feel free to add your list of the most ratchet Asian girls too!

Who is the most ratchet Asian girl

The most ratchet Asian girl is probably a stereotype. Many people think all Asian girls are ratchet, but that’s not true. Some Asian girls are more ratchet than others. For example, some Asian girls wear a lot of makeup and have a lot of plastic surgery. Some Asian girls are into rap music and have tattoos.

There are even Asian girls who speak slang. All these things can make someone seem ratchet, but just because they’re an Asian girl doesn’t mean they are automatically ratchet. What makes someone ratchet is how they act, what they do for fun, and how much time they spend on their appearance and attitude. Just because someone is an Asian girl doesn’t mean she’ll be ratchet or vice versa.

Lovely Mimi

Lovely Mimi is the most ratchet Asian girl. She has never been to school and was diagnosed with autism. I’m not sure if she has autism, but it’s pretty damn severe if she does. Whenever someone tries to talk to her, she screams. Every day her parents drop her off at preschool, she runs away screaming. The only time she stops screaming is when there are a bunch of kids around, so they’re all screaming too.

Even with all of her screaming, she’s pretty cute. She looks like a young version of Madonna and has really nice hair. Sometimes when she isn’t running away from people, and no one is paying attention to her, I’ve seen her playing with Barbie dolls. It’s not very often that you see autistic kids playing with toys or being social.

Lovely Mimi’s professional life

Mimi Faust, born Oluremi James on January 3, 1966, in Inglewood, California, is an American reality television personality who stars on the VH1 reality television series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Faust has a daughter, Eva Giselle (born November 2010), with ex-boyfriend and fellow Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member Stevie J. In September 2014, a sex tape featuring Faust and her then-boyfriend Nikko Smith was released through Vivid Entertainment.

The next month, she announced that she had become engaged to Smith. They both starred in their spinoff show Marrying Mimi on April 17, 2015, which premiered after the sixth season finale of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. She has one child, Eva Giselle, born in November 2010. 

She became engaged to Nikko Smith in October 2014.

Insights about the most ratchet Asian girl

There are many different types of ratchet girls. Still, the most ratchet Asian girl is usually characterized by her love of drama, gossiping habits, and general disregard for authority. She’s also usually loud, opinionated, and doesn’t hesitate to speak her mind. While some people may see these qualities as negative, they’re actually what make the most rachet Asian girl so fun and entertaining. It takes a lot of courage to be that outgoing and outspoken all the time, especially when you know there’s a good chance you’ll get in trouble for it.

The thing about the most ratchet Asian girl is that she loves attention, no matter how bad it might be. She gets attention through her mouth – yep, she talks a lot! Another way she gets attention is through physical means – again, yes, she likes to fight!

How to cope with the most ratchet Asian girl

You may be wondering how to cope with the most ratchet Asian girl. The first step is to understand what ratchet means. According to Urban Dictionary, the ratchet is a trashy, classless woman who lacks standards or morals. In other words, a ratchet person does not care about anyone but themselves and will do anything to get what they want.

The best way to handle the most ratchet Asian girl is by avoiding them at all costs. If you’re forced into contact with them, try to talk in short sentences without sharing personal information and keep your guard up. It’s never a good idea to react to their antics, so just let it go. You’ll always have that friend who comes running when you need help, so don’t worry about it too much.

Why do some girls turn out to be Ratchet?

There are a few reasons why some girls turn out to be Ratchet:

They may have come from a broken home or have had a bad experience in their past that has made them act out.

They could be surrounded by bad influences such as friends or family members who are also ratcheting.

They might not have any positive role models in their life to look up to.

They could be struggling with mental health problems, making it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Most ratchet Asian girls don’t believe in themselves and think that’s all they deserve.

What are the Ratchet habits?

There’s no denying that some Asian girls can be pretty ratchet. From always being on their phone to being glued to social media, these girls can’t seem to help themselves. But what exactly makes them so ratchet? Here are some of the most ratchet Asian girl’s common habits -Constantly playing Candy Crush and other games on their phones (no matter how many times they lose)

-Constantly tweeting or Instagramming everything they do 

-Constantly complaining about the dumbest things like not getting the right flavor chips at Mcdonald’s or forgetting a Chapstick in their locker

I-Constantly posting selfies with captions like LOL. My hair looks terrible today! 

-Trying to get attention from boys who are way out of their league

-Constantly comparing themselves to other Asian girls who are way prettier than them.


In conclusion, The most ratchet Asian girl is the one who is willing to do whatever it takes to get ahead. She’s not afraid to flaunt her body or sexuality and is always up for a good time. She’s also fiercely independent and knows how to get what she wants. If you’re looking for a fun-loving, outgoing companion, look no further than the most ratchet Asian girl!

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