The Future of Business Information Systems: Trends and Predictions

The Future of Business Information Systems: Trends and Predictions

Business Information System (BIS) has been integral to businesses for many years. Over the years, new information systems have arrived in the market with greater capabilities. As technology continuously develops, more changes are expected to occur with business information systems. Future BIS solutions are expected to be hyper-automated, more productive, and resilient. Therefore, businesses must be aware of the current BIS trends. By doing so, they can get their hands on the latest technology making waves in the market.

Read on to understand the future of business information systems (trends and predictions).


Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) technologies are developing at a rapid pace. New AI/ML models can perform complicated business tasks quickly. AI/ML algorithms are being used to prepare efficient information systems. The primary role of an information system is to collect, classify, prepare, and analyze data. The better the analytical capabilities of the information system, the richer the insights. AI/ML algorithms have the power to analyze data in real-time and generate high-end insights. With rich insights, businesses can know more about their customers, markets, and operations.

In 2023, enterprises do not only talk about automation technologies. Hyper-automation has become more popular, and AI/ML solutions have gone to the next level. Information systems backed by AI/ML can quickly identify patterns, outliers, and trends without human interaction. As AI-led information systems continue to evolve, they are expected to do much more in the future. In coming years, businesses of every size could well afford AI/ML technology on a wide scale. You might be losing competitiveness if you haven’t started using AI-led business information systems.

Security of BIS

Cybersecurity threats for enterprises are continuously rising. Many small businesses are deprived of valuable resources by malicious actors. Big corporations often lose sensitive data because of cyber-attacks. Considering the rising threats, developers focus on creating more secure information systems. AI is playing a significant role in creating protective business information systems. Since security breaches are considerably increasing, effective business information systems are essential.

For the past few years, enterprises have been cautious in choosing BIS solutions. An information system will have valuable customer, infrastructure, or employee data. For example, a CRM contains customer profiles and interaction data. If customer information gets into the wrong hands, the enterprise might be held responsible. It is why an enterprise will look for a secure CRM that can identify breaches in real-time. In the future, AI will lead to more secure business information systems.

Cloud environments

Cloud computing has already taken over the information system landscape. Are you still using a physical infrastructure for a BIS? Many enterprises have shifted to cloud-based information systems for increased productivity and efficiency. Also, the number of cloud-based information systems for businesses is only expected to rise. Companies are hesitating to invest in hard-wired infrastructure as it has limited capabilities. A cloud-based information system can be used from any location, anywhere in the world.

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The demand for remote work has led to the usage of cloud-based information systems. Since enterprises have to provide remote employees with crucial information, cloud-based information systems are required. Remote employees might not make decisions and perform essential business tasks without the required

data. Also, enterprises are experiencing reduced costs with cloud-based information systems.

Blockchain in BIS

Many developers are researching the use of blockchain in information systems. Blockchain is a decentralized technology that can be used to create tamper-proof information systems. In the future, more and more businesses might use blockchain-based information systems for financial data management, transactional analysis, data sharing, and many other tasks.

Modern data warehouse tools

Data insights are only as good as the integrity of the data. You cannot generate rich insights from an unstructured data set. New-age data warehouse tools are integrated with information systems to generate better results. These new-age data warehouse tools can enhance the quality of data.

In a nutshell

Business information systems are the backbone of businesses. Without the right data, an enterprise might fail to make better decisions in 2023. New-age information systems that use AI/ML are trending in the industry. Also, future information systems are supposed to be hyper-automated. So install an AI-led information system right away! 

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