Rooftop parks 5G Pvt N/W with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

Rooftop parks 5G Pvt N/W with Mobile Network testing & RF Drive Test Tools

As our urban areas, such as cities and towns expand to accommodate huge population growth, they consume the land around them, which is the biggest reason for destroying the environmental ecosystem that again hampers water management and air purification. Due to a lack of space and overpriced land in urban areas, it is difficult to increase the number of parks and natural space. Here come the rooftop parks to improve air quality and reduce overall heat – an opportunity for building owners, builders, Caffe, and pub planners to accomplish “go green goals”. So, now let us see How can rooftop parks enhance public convenience with a private 5G network, Smart Mobile Network Monitoring Tools, Mobile Network Drive Test Tools, Mobile Network Testing Tools and Smart RF drive test tools & equipment, RF tester software app & network LTE 4g tester

Some of the major benefits of Rooftop Parks are –

  • Contribute to improved air quality or reduction and filtering of polluted air particles and gases.
  • Contribute to a decrease in waste.
  • Green roofs/rooftop parks effectively use the rain immediately, retain rainwater for later use and help moderate buildings’ temperature.
  • Rooftop parks are energy efficient as they provide great insulation, retaining heat in winter and keeping temperatures cool in summer.
  • The insulation provided by rooftop gardens is beneficial for less noise as the combination of soil, and plants can help to absorb sound waves, providing the building with low-frequency sounds.

When maximum people in urban areas want to spend their time in rooftop parks but at the same time they need good internet connectivity for several purposes, be it to call/message their family, deliver their work to offices, do other assignments, teach their kids online, etc. So when it comes to meeting the increasing demands for data and coverage in rooftop park premises, MNOs are more into private 5G networks that will bring seamless connectivity to those people in such environments. The investment of private 5G in rooftop parks’ infrastructure is going to play a pivotal role due to the increasing demand for rooftop parks in urban areas.

In this case, MNOs are looking to densify networks and increase capacity or coverage as the rooftop of your buildings are prime real estate to take care of connecting good internet connection. Rooftops make it possible for antennas in terms of private 5G networks to transmit 5G signals directly to the users through a better line of sight in an urban area and it will also help those people spending their time in rooftop parks to consistently get reliable 5G reception.

An Overview of Private 5G:

A private 5G network is like a Local Area Network (LAN) that offers more speed and security measures, increased control, reliable coverage, better preparedness for technologies such as IoT, and requires less power than its public counterpart. Further, a private 5G network is built with a company’s dedicated micro towers and small cells enabling several buildings/businesses/enterprises to use all essential benefits of 5G technology to design and manage their connectivity needs independently, without the need for a public service provider. These are the prime reasons, even rooftop parks are willing to explore the concept of deploying their own private 5G networks.

Features of a Private 5G Network

  • Superior Service Security – Offers a more secure and tamper-proof network and with private 5G, all security protocols can be custom-designed within the organization, without having to rely on external service providers.
  • Network Slicing – Allows the private 5g network to be optimized for the needs of specific user groups, or applications within the same infrastructure and allocates bandwidth based on priority.
  • Quality of Service (QoS) – Offers the possibility to control QoS factors such as latency, throughput, and more.
  • Dedicated Bandwidth – Private 5G provides a devoted network, ensuring only authorized users can access the network at a particular time with no risk of network congestion.
  • Ultra-low Latency – URLLC (Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communications) application services can be easily implemented in a private 5G network because the network delay between the device and the application server is only several milliseconds.


In this disruptive digital transformation landscape, the demands of stable network connectivity even on rooftop parks are now an essential factor to enhance public convenience. So, when the deployment of a private 5G network in rooftop parks of buildings, network testing, and monitoring plays a pivotal role in that aspect. Here, a non-traditional network measurement tool such as RantCell comes into the picture.

To improve your network efficiency on private 5G within rooftop park premises, you can use RantCell for 5G drive testing and monitoring solution. You can perform outdoor as well as indoor measurements with RantCell to measure the Quality of Experience (QoE) and get test reports by generating them from RantCell in real-time.

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