Purchase disposable cups for your company or event at Limepack

Purchase disposable cups for your company or event at Limepack

There can be many situations where you need disposable cups. For example, it could be for a company event where you have to present a number of new products at a trade fair.

It is well-known that the best way to talk to potential customers is over a good cup of coffee. Disposable cups are very valuable here, as you don’t need do the dishes and can therefore focus on communication with customers.

Get your logo printed on disposable cups

At Limepack you can increase the quality of your disposable cups even more. Instead of just having a standard look on the disposable cups that you hand out, you can have your company’s logo printed on it. This gives you an opportunity to hand the potential customer a form of business card in the shape of the cup. Through a cup of coffee, you can create an impression of your company’s visual profile in a subtle and welcoming way.

With printed visual design on disposable cups at Limepack, your company will also exude extraordinary professionalism. This additional touch will create a positive impression on the customer. Precisely this surplus will give the customer the impression that the internal structure of the company is in good order, which will give a positive impression.

Disposable cups can be used for communicative purposes

By having personalised disposable cups made, they are thus becoming more than just a practical item. They become a communicative tool that can strengthen your company’s brand. When your company has to address the customer, it is the many details that together make up the overall impression that become decisive. Together with other objects – such as posters and banners – disposable cups will thus be able to enhance the impression that customers get of your company.

Another situation could be a conference for employees. Although this is an internal event, the company’s visual profile on disposable cups can help strengthen the feeling of togetherness. At most such events, there are coffee breaks, where these cups can become part of the visual link that binds the employees together. Disposable cups adorned with the company’s identity are thus something that can have great value for the individual company.

Limepack are experts in providing exactly these products, so contact them today and discover how it can revolutionize communication for your company.

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