How to Take Advantage of Kohl’s Deals and Free Shipping

How to Take Advantage of Kohl’s Deals and Free Shipping

We all have heard of kohl’s free shipping and we all are curious to get it as much as possible. Kohl’s free shipping is an evergreen deal that doesn’t end with time or people. Well they love the load of items being delivered to their homes without having to pay an extra penny for the travel.

But what if we told you that kohl’s free shipping isn’t the only thing you will love at kohl’s, sure, besides their vast collection of item and other perks.There are many-many ways to take advantage of your favorite store. No harm, it’s just your favorite store wants you to have the best shopping experience too.

Kohl’s Credit Cards

We know how much this same old routine frustrates you but the kohl’s rewards card is different. Not different like just claiming to be different but it actually offers many benefits. Here are some ways in which kohl’s credit card is a must have in your collection.

Kohl’s offers the card holders many discounts several times a year. If put simply, card holders can get almost 30% off per month which you can use with the rewards program too. For people who do not have kohl’s cards they get 15% discount. While you wait for your card getting 15% off isn’t a bad deal.

Kohl’s Cash

We have heard that you need to spend $50 to earn that kohl’s cash but it’s not true. You will get kohl’s cash on as much as $48. Yes, sounds like a tiny difference but ask the one who doesn’t know where to spend the last two dollars only to make it reach the benchmark. Kohl’s will round up the difference and help you get $10 rewards. They would simply do anything to make you feel happy and valued.

Coupon Stacking

You can use up to four promo codes with kohl’s when you shop online. Yes you will get the benefit of adding items to your cart with a single click as well as enjoy getting four times of discount. But here is one thing to know before you call us bearer of wrong news. free shipping through your mobile phone allows you to use two promo codes per order but when you shop through desktop or laptop you can use as much as four promo codes for the same order. Isn’t it great?

Pay off the Kohl’s Card

Nobody likes to keep balance on their credit card, this is all because of the needs that you have to fulfill with the money coming in the future. Other than that, the interest rate on credit cards also make many people upset. Thanks to the kohl’s credit card policy which allows you to clear your expenses immediately. This means you can get bigger discounts for being a card holder and also save on any expensive interest rates by paying them off immediately.

Kohl’s Kiosk

You’ve found a sweater you adore, but it’s not the correct size? What about those one-size-too-small children’s shoes? Take the item to a Kohl’s kiosk and go through their stock. You may get that sweater or those shoes from a kiosk and have them delivered to your house for free. At the kiosks, you may also utilize coupon codes. Bonus!

Kohl’s Return Policy

The 3 day return window seems like a treat to most of us but don’t underestimate what you deserve. The kohl’s return policy is something you would never find anywhere else. Since, there is no time limit on returning the items at kohl’s you can get a refund for as much as 12 months after the purchase. This is especially great for people who live far-far and don’t want to travel just because their electric kettle doesn’t work.

Another great thing? If you lost the receipt but used the credit card to pay you can still get the return. The store can trace your purchase and help you get rid of what you don’t like. Enough reasons to be happy?

Kohl’s Price Adjustment

The kohl’s price adjustment policy is very versatile. Let us tell you how, if you buy something at store and find it got cheaper as soon as you bought (hard luck, we know!). Don’t worry you can apply for the kohl’s price adjustment policy. This is eligible for two weeks after the purchase and you can enjoy the perk of this policy. However, an important thing is to keep the receipts safe if you wish to get the price difference adjusted and enjoy some free money.

Kohl’s LCD Screens

Professional shoppers at kohl’s know the secret behind reading the LCD sale signs. The LCD sale signs give away many hidden ideas. For instance, if you find a square on the LCD sign or even notice a square on the tag this means the item is charged at its lowest price and there will be no further reduction. But if you find a ‘NM’ tag, well wait because the item is not labelled at the lowest possible price, and it will drop even more in the upcoming days.

Price Match Policy

Yes. They only price match in-store and deals from a physical location. This implies they’ll match prices at Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores, but not Amazon (since you can’t physically go to Amazon, though you wish you could). You’ll want to bring the printed ad to the store with you, one that lists the current sale dates, as well as descriptions and prices in free shipping.

Expired Kohl’s Cash

Not all Kohl’s Cash is expired even if it seems expired. Confused much? Let us explain! If you have the actual voucher for your expired Kohl’s Cash, you may probably still spend it in stores if it hasn’t been more than 10 days after it expired. If the cashier refuses, tell them to call corporate which will probably help you avail it.