How to Successfully Integrate Digital Marketing with Out-Of-Home Media ?

How to Successfully Integrate Digital Marketing with Out-Of-Home Media ?

Digital marketing has never been more popular, with brands falling over themselves to dominate the online marketplace. However, that doesn’t mean that more traditional forms of advertising, such as out-of-home media, should be ignored.

If you are keen to combine your digital marketing efforts with an out-of-home media campaign, then you have come to the right place. Although not easy, there are methods that you can adopt to seamlessly integrate these two very different types of marketing.

Excited to find out more? Read on to discover all the tried and tested techniques that guarantee results.

Set short and long-term goals

When it comes to digital marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, and content creation, it can take a long time to see favorable results. While this does not mean that you should abandon your digital marketing efforts completely, it just means that you should also focus on short-term wins.

Out-of-home media is known for its high-impact presence in the real world and, more often than not, does what it is intended to do quickly and effectively. By combining a long-term digital marketing strategy with a short-term OOH one, you can enjoy both short and long-term results and make the most out of your precious marketing budget.

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Combine OOH with social media.

As forms of advertising, out-of-home media, and social media marketing are a match made in heaven. For example, let’s say you invest in a huge billboard in the local town. Yes, lots of people will see it, and they might even talk to their family and friends about it. However, if you also create a memorable hashtag and share it on social media, you are instantly opening yourself up to a lot more brand exposure. This technique is particularly effective if you want to create a buzz around a new product or service.

Track OOH with track ROI

One of the main issues that marketers have with out-of-home advertising is that it is notoriously hard to track its results. However, you can now use digital strategies to find out just how effective your outdoor advertising is.

For example, you could track an OOH campaign online by including an exclusive promotional code on your ad. When a customer makes a purchase, they enter their unique code, allowing you to see how many sales you make as a direct result of your out-of-home advertisement.

Alternatively, you could create a bespoke URL that you display on your OOH ad, which would enable you to track the number of users that visit your landing page as a direct result of seeing your ad.

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Be creative with your OOH campaigns.

Digital marketing campaigns are becoming increasingly creative and innovative as marketers fight to stand out in a highly saturated market. However, out-of-home media can often be a little unimaginative.

To make sure your next digital marketing and OOH campaigns are able to complement each other, you need to make sure that you think outside the box when it comes to out-of-home advertising.

One highly effective way to do this is by embracing wild posting. Often overlooked in favor of billboards, wild posting is becoming more and more popular with big brand names due to its originality and its ability to make people not only sit up and take notice but also talk about your ad with their family and friends.

The beauty of wild posting is that it relies mainly on its artwork to attract and connect with passers-by, making it perfect for sharing on social media.

That being said, many businesses shy away from this highly effective form of outdoor advertising as they are afraid of trying something new or they don’t know where to even begin. If this is the case for you, then why not enlist the services of a wild posting agency such as, who will do all the legwork for you.

Use digital ads to provide context.

As mentioned briefly above, out-of-home ads tend to focus mostly on imagery. While this is not a bad thing, it does run the risk of people not knowing exactly what they should do next.

However, by using a digital ad, you can provide context to your OOH campaigns and actively tell users what they are supposed to do after seeing your ad. To make this integration seamless, make sure that you make it clear that the two styles of ads are connected and make it easy for people to move from one form of advert to the other.

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