How to Find best Industrial Chiller Manufacturers

How to Find best Industrial Chiller Manufacturers

If you are looking for an industrial chiller, you may be wondering where to find the right one. Here is some information to help you. Many manufacturers have websites, so you can use them to narrow down your search. Here are some examples of manufacturers to look for: S&A Chiller, Sigma Equipment Corp., Thermonics, Envisys, and others. All of these companies offer industrial chillers to the industry.

S&A Chiller

S&A Chiller is a veteran-owned custom manufacturer of chillers. Their chilled water systems are used in electronic/digital and directed energy systems. They offer models with programmable logic boards. It produces industrial chillers. Their units are single-phase voltage and do not require water plumbing. They feature a temperature range of -40 to 35 degrees C. These chillers are used for industrial applications and come in various capacities and styles.

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) is a method that enables clients to customize products and design them specifically to meet their needs. These manufacturers can help clients cut unnecessary costs and complexity. OEM chillers are extremely beneficial to industrial businesses. OEM chillers can help companies improve their production without sacrificing quality. The manufacturers provide a variety of advantages for their clients, including increased productivity and safety. OEM products are highly cost-effective and can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Sigma Equipment Corp

This is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of industrial refrigerator and cooling equipment. This also produces filtration equipment and provides complete systems. These products are designed for long-term performance, reliability, and value, while reducing overall life cycle cost. To learn more, contact a Sigma representative today.

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S&A Chiller is a veteran-owned custom manufacturer of chilled water for electronic and directed energy applications. S&A Chiller offers models with programmable logic boards. Company is another manufacturer of industrial chillers, which operate on single-phase electricity. They do not require water plumbing, and feature a temperature range of -40 degrees C to 35 degrees C. The company offers a variety of installation options, including packaged units, modular units, and customised systems.


When it comes to industrial refrigeration, Thermonics is an obvious choice. As the demand for CBD and THC products grows, Thermonics is the go-to manufacturer of industrial chillers. In this way, customers can benefit from higher throughput and lower recovery time for their cannabis extractions.

Whether your cooling needs are for a plant or laboratory, Thermonics offers a wide variety of options. Their range includes air-cooled chillers, water-cooled chillers, portable two-stage cascade refrigeration chillers, and portable models. All models are compatible with a variety of heat-transfer fluids, including water, and deliver high-quality cooling with a wide range of capacities.

Founded by three plastics industry veterans, the company produces units that feature all major components. Listed below are some examples of Thermonics industrial chiller manufacturers.


Envisys technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a manufacturer of environmental test chambers and industrial chillers. Its products include temperature-humidity chambers, vibration test chambers, walk-in environmental chambers, and corrosion test cells. The company exports its products to a number of countries. Located in India, Envisys provides high-quality industrial chillers, environmental test chambers, and corrosion testing equipment to various industries.

Envisys is a leading industrial chiller manufacturer. They have been providing quality products for over 80 years and have developed customized cooling solutions that help in conserving our precious resources. They provide quality products at competitive prices and have a proven strategy to reduce costs. Their air-cooled water chillers are suitable for a number of industries, and they are available in various sizes and capacities.

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