Guide for beginners to Sandhan Valley trek

Guide for beginners to Sandhan Valley trek


Since the sun’s rays can not penetrate these ravines Sandhan Valley is often referred to by the name of Valley of Shadows. The valley is located in the Sahyadri mountains, there’s a stunning canyon. It is among Sahyadri’s most difficult and rewarding hikes.

Sandhan Valley, located near Bhandardara close to Igatpuri It offers an adventure experience that is unlike any other. There’s more to it than just walking; you can also climb, rappel as well as camp beneath the stars and have bonfires. Sandhan is an natural gorge situated in between and the AMK forts Alang, Madan, and Kulang which is why it’s called AMK. The trek is famous for its remoteness and excellent photography opportunities and off-the-beaten-path trails.

Facts to Remember

Samrad village is situated in the Maharashtra’s Ahmednagar district.Trek Time: 5 hours. Level of difficulty: Moderate to difficult Altitude Descending valley trek about 200 feet deep, and 2 km long trek Time 5 hours difficulty level moderate to difficult

What is the ideal time to embark on an excursion within Sandhan Valley?

Outside of summer, any time of the season is ideal for a hike towards Sandhan Valley. It can get humid and hot and the constant heat can drain your energy and makes the journey more difficult and less enjoyable. Sandhan Valley treks are particularly pleasant and memorable during the autumn, winter and monsoon season.

How to Get There and Where to Go

It is necessary to first journey through Kasara or Igatpuri for the purpose of reaching Samrad village.

Road: Hire a car and drive it to Samrad village. It is a distance of Mumbai as well as Sandhan Valley is approximately 200 km, which can take about 4 to 5 hours to travel. Alternately, you can travel on a state transportation coach to Mumbai and Pune to Igatpuri-Ghoti from which busses to Bhandardara are accessible as well as you can take a shared jeep from Igatpuri-Ghoti up to Samrad village.

Rail Trains: From Mumbai then take an express train for Kasara. From CST you can take the Kasara fast train. You will arrive in Kasara and book a shared jeep for Samrad. There are many jeep rides that are shared. It is also possible to take an extended-distance train to reach your destination.

Route for Trekking

Begin your journey at Samrad then you’ll find yourself walking through shallow bodies of water that are 2 to 4 feet deep in the first couple of hours. As you descend you’ll cross Tarzan Swing Point, where you’ll climb and rappel down a rope ladder prior to going on a cave crawl.

After that, you’ll descend and walk through rocks. There’ll be deep pools of water to swim in, large rocks to climb over and finally the campsite. Bann the Pinnacle, and Ajoba Hill will be visible from the position.

Journey Back

Continue to descend from the pond by gentle slopes and a riverbed hike to Dehne village in which shuttle buses for Asangaon station are accessible. You can also return to Samrad by following the same route and take a jeep shared to your destination. You can also stay in Bhandardara to enjoy a longer stay.

After that, you’ll descend and walk through rocks. There are deep pools of water to swim in, large rocks to climb over and finally, the campsite. Bann the Pinnacle, and Ajoba Hill will be visible from the position.


Travel expenses range from 5000 to around Rs 8000 for self-drive vehicle starting from Mumbai towards Bhandardara (round journey). Train tickets are available in price between 1,000 to Rs. 1000 to Rs. 1200. (return fare).

The cost of sharing a jeep is 50 for each person. Tickets for buses for Mumbai to Bhandardara are priced between Rs. 600 and Rs. 800.

Overnight camping is possible at the gorge campsite , in the privacy of your tent. Staying for a night in Samrad village is priced between 500 and Rs. 500 and Rs. 800. The cost of staying in Bhandardara with a budget begins at Rs. 1000.Food during the journey the food costs will vary between the amount of Rs. 200 and Rs. 600.

The trek operators will cost between Rs. 1600 and Rs.

Tourist Attractions

Forts AMK

Only if you’re exhausted after your Sandhan Valley Trek, hike uphill to see the forts from the past that lie in Alang, Madan, and Kulang. These are very strenuous hikes which is why you should take a day to rest in Bhandardara and then trek to the top.

Fort Ratangad

Make a moderately steep ascent beginning at Bhandardara up to Ratangad Fort for another thrilling hike.

Waterfalls at Nanhe Ghat

A gorgeous waterfall is located in Ratanwadi located just some kilometres from base camp.

Attractions in Bhandardara

Explore the numerous and stunning waterfalls of Bhandardara like Umbrella Falls, Kalsubai Peak along with Randha Fall, as well as Wilson Dam, Arthur Lake and Ratanwadi’s charming town.

Attractions in Igatpuri

Go to Igatpuri located just an hour away and have a tour at the surroundings.

Safety and Travel Advice

The trek should not attempt without help by a tour guide trekking company by novice trekkers.

You’ll be tested during this hike. Be cautious if you have any medical issue, a weak heart as well as excessive blood pressure.

Take along snacks, insect repellent and windbreaker.

Make sure you pack light and carry an easy backpack.

Make sure you have enough water in Sandhan’s village. The water flowing through the streams might be unfit for drinking.

Unless the trek guide has installed a porta-potty There aren’t any restrooms along the trek.

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