Geek Alabama – So, Social, Local, Smart!

Geek Alabama – So, Social, Local, Smart!

What is Geek Alabama?

Geek Alabama is a blog and podcast network covering culture, events, news, stories, and people in NE Alabama / NW Georgia, the southeast, and beyond. The main blog is run by Nathan Young who does everything from writing to social media management & marketing, to making podcasts & videos and photography / videography. He does all this with a focus on geeky / nerdy talk, event coverage, reviews, recipes, community coverage, promotions, music coverage, charity coverage and more. You can read the about page to learn more about him and his work with the website. You can also watch the intro video / channel trailer for more information! Enjoy the site! So, Social. Local. Smart! Thanks for reading!

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Who is Geek Alabama for?

Geek Alabama is for anyone who loves talking about culture, events, stories, and people in the state of Alabama. Geek Alabama covers a wide range of topics including nerdy talk, social media, road / infrastructure geekery, current events, news, recipes, music coverage, charity coverage, and much more. Nathan Young writes, podcasts, takes pictures & videos, and does event coverage on the site. He also works at a highway department doing road / infrastructure work.

He lives in NE Alabama/ NW Georgia and travels around the southeast to cover events.

What is Geek Alabama about?

Geek alabama social local smart is the main blog talking about the culture, events, stories, and things happening in the State of Alabama. We also talk about and cover events in NE Alabama/ NW Georgia, the southeast, and nationally. We also do podcasts, videos, social media, photography / videography, and writing. Geek Alabama is a mix of everything from techy/nerdy talk, current events, food, music, news, sports, community coverage, charity coverage, promotions, and other geeky topics. The Geek Alabama website was started by Nathan Young who writes, runs social media, does videos & podcasts, and does photography / videography on the site. He also works at a highway department and is a major road / infrastructure geek. He is also a disabled veteran. He loves to travel, read, and take pictures / videos of everything.

Where is Geek Alabama?

In a city where rockets are as much a part of the landscape as the trees and where NASA scientists moonlight as artists and musicians, it is no wonder that Huntsville is one of the biggest homes for all things geeky, nerdy and popular culture in the USA. What was once a hidden part of society has been brought out into the open and celebrated for what it is – a fun, smart, interesting, creative and often quirky way of living life. It is a place that should be on the bucket list for all those grown ups who still love their Dungeons and Dragons, comic books and science fiction!

Nathan Young writes, runs social media and podcasts / videos, does photography and creates presentations for Geek Alabama. The site talks about the culture, events and stories in Alabama/Georgia/Tennessee/Southeast and covers current news that carries a technology and geeky tone to it. To know more about geek alabama social local smart just follow us.

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