Equifax Kount ai id Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax Kount ai id Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat

Equifax Acquires Kount, an AI Fraud Prevention Platform

Equifax Kount ai id Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat has recently acquired kount, an AI fraud prevention platform. The acquisition is expected to expand the company’s global footprint and deliver better fraud prevention solutions to its customers. The platform uses real-time signals to identify potential fraud threats and act accordingly.

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Equifax acquiesces in kount ai id kount luminatebrienventurebeat

To improve customer experience, Equifax Kount ai id Kount Luminatebrienventurebeathas partnered with Kount, a company that leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning to evaluate identity reliability and minimize chargebacks. Its solutions will be integrated with Equifax’s Luminate fraud platform. As a result, consumers will enjoy a more personalized shopping experience.

Equifax is a global technology and data company. The acquisition of Kount, which provides AI-driven digital identity solutions, will broaden Equifax’s global reach in digital identity and fraud prevention. By leveraging Kount’s proprietary technology, Equifax will be able to combat online and mobile fraud and increase the safety of consumers and organizations.

Efforts to integrate kount’s systems with Equifax’s Luminate platform

The recent acquisition by Equifax of Kount will help the two companies further integrate their systems and leverage their joint capabilities and data. The integration will help the companies develop new solutions and products and expand their market reach in the identity and fraud prevention market.

By combining their data and systems, Equifax Kount ai id Kount Luminatebrienventurebeat can build the world’s most comprehensive identity and consumer insights platform. With this solution, businesses will be able to better understand their customers and make hyper-personalised recommendations that are tailored to their needs.

The two companies also plan to roll out additional joint initiatives later this year. These will include real-time access to raw and trended data, an AML/KYC compliance as a service solution, and a FCRA-compliant marketing campaign solution.

Workforce Solutions continues to power Equifax, as the company’s most valuable business. Its first-quarter revenue growth was 59%, while core revenue was 46% higher. The sequential improvement is indicative of the power of the company’s TWN database, which has nearly 90 million unique records and 115 million active users.

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