Do Coding Bootcamps Help In Career Growth?

Do Coding Bootcamps Help In Career Growth?

Bootcamps are short, intensive training programs designed to teach you programming skills and get you job-ready in a matter of months. So, coding boot camps allow you to acquire the hard-core practical skills you need to enter a tech career.

The boot camps are a quick way to start a successful career path in tech. Web development intensive programs can often be completed in as little as 12 weeks. Boot camps are an alternative to traditional universities that focus on three main things: low costs (both financially and in terms of time), a relevant and valuable curriculum, and a schedule that works for adults already working.

But if you are wondering whether coding boot camps are worth it, we recommend getting the facts first before taking the plunge yourself. But to assure you, tech boot camps offer you a job guarantee with a six-figure salary.

So yes, coding boot camps are your answer if you are learning to code in a non-traditional way. There is an increase in the number of tech aspirants who can land a job in a tech company efficiently.

Let us explore the benefits of a coding career by enrolling in a coding boot camp in Houston. We will also take you through the tips for choosing a coding boot camp.

Benefits of a Coding Boot Camp

Whether you’re interested in software engineering, data science, cybersecurity, or some other tech-related field, learning more about the benefits and drawbacks of coding boot camps is a smart move.

1.   Gain relevant skills

A boot camp can let you gain practical and in-demand programming skills like JavaScript, Python, HTML, and C++. These skills can improve your employability, leading to better job opportunities and a higher income.

2.   Expands your career horizon

The ability to step outside one’s comfort zone and gain hands-on experience in various technical fields makes coding boot camps important for updating and expanding one’s career options. For example, after attending a coding boot camp, one can become a software engineer, stack developer, user experience designer, web developer, application developer, etc.

3.   Boost salary

A boot camp is a great option to move ahead in your career. Boot camps for computer programming often customize their curriculum to meet current industry needs. Successful completion of a boot camp program is often accompanied by increased pay potential and improved employment prospects.

According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a software engineer in the United States is $113,705. You can earn up to $ 138,903 annually as a senior software engineer after graduating from a coding boot camp.

How to choose a Coding Boot Camp?

You can consider the following factors before you choose the perfect coding boot camp to invest your time and money. Hundreds of new coding schools have emerged nationwide and online in the past decade, and the coding boot camp sector has developed quickly. Choosing the proper one is crucial to attaining your educational and career objectives. Here, we go deep into the elements you should consider while selecting.

Learning Format

Before beginning boot camp, it is essential to determine its structure and how much time you can devote to training. In addition, it must be practical for you. You can take a course, program, or degree entirely online, attend school part-time, or in a hybrid format.


One must carefully consider their goals and whether or not the boot camp’s curriculum can meet their expectations before enrolling.

Many boot camps exist, each likely catering to a specific subset of the “tech job” landscape. You may narrow your results by using keywords that IT businesses are looking for in potential employees. The most popular boot camp includes cybersecurity, product management, data science, mobile development, web development, quality assurance, etc.


Price will undoubtedly play a significant role in deciding on a boot camp. Typically, a coding boot camp costs between $10,000- $15,000, depending on the program’s length and duration.

The good news is that most coding boot camps accept various payment methods. A discount is often offered to students who pay their tuition in advance. Financial aid is usually available via boot camps through loans, scholarships, tuition deferral plans, and revenue-sharing contracts.

How can a Coding Bootcamp help in career growth?

Here are a few ways to help you take advantage of a Boot camp in your stride.

1.   Networking

A boot camp can open doors to a community of coders and professionals who can guide you to advance your career to the next level. In addition, you will get to meet and interact with influential people from the tech industry. This can be an excellent opportunity to build your professional network.

A well-connected network can bring up possibilities and job openings through word of mouth or jobs not available on the job portals.

2.   Adds value to your resume

The job market is notoriously competitive, and that is undeniable. Numerous people use LinkedIn and other job portals to seek employment opportunities and submit applications. A boot camp is a great way to get ahead of the competition and make an impression on hiring managers.


If you want to change careers or gain new skills rapidly without committing to four years of college, a coding boot camp could be for you. You can attend a boot camp without abandoning your work or school responsibilities if you are already employed. A new profession in an exciting sector may be within reach if you can locate a suitable boot camp that teaches the skills you want to acquire and is convenient for your schedule.

Knowing how to code and program are fundamental skills in a digital world. So, if you’re on the fence about enrolling in a coding boot camp, JUST GO FOR IT.

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