Curly Long Haircuts For Women

Curly Long Haircuts For Women

If you are afraid of transitioning from long to short hair, it does not mean you cannot try a haircut. You can get a haircut anytime and leave the length of hair you prefer from the scalp. Most long haircuts are all about trimming the ends.

It is essential to have your outfit blend with your hair as well. How you style your haircut has effects on how you are gig to appear. There are so many haircuts that you can explore until you find something that meets your needs and expectations. Below are some types of long haircuts for women with curly hair.

1. Elegant Big Locks

Curling your hair will elevate your look if it is not naturally curly. This haircut is achieved by trimming the extending tips of your long hair and using a curling iron to generate the curls. The style is stunning, featuring big curls spiraling down your back.

For this hairstyle, you will need to take time to curl every strand of hair, especially if your hair is naturally straight. You can use hairspray over the hair to confirm that you have reached every single strand, especially for those with thick hair.

Confirming how curled up each strand is will help give you the confidence that you do not have the hair straightening up as you walk, yet you purposed to keep the hair curly.

Elegant Big Locks

2. Messy Curly And Waved Hairstyle

You can wear this hairstyle for a beach vacation or to pass the long hair vibe. The lovely prolonged curls will make your hair elegant and can be compared to someone who just arrived from the beach.

For the messy wavy long haircut, you should not apply a lot of hair spray to make your hair wavy. You must cut a small portion of hair to develop the different layers.

The layered hair gives the hairstyle definition, so you will not need to move from one hair strand to the next trying to curl the hair. This is the perfect summer-long haircut to rock in for any event.

3. Highlighted Long Haircut

The unique feature of this hairstyle is the highlights. To create an illusion of more texture and volume, you must add highlights that are a different color from your natural hair, just like the other haircuts. For instance, naturally, brown hair can be highlighted with blonde color.

The highlights give the hairstyle some extra spark and keep the attention on the hair rather than on the sharp cut on the edges of the hair.

4. Loose Curls With A Dreamy Braid

Adding a small braid on your long hair after cutting the ends is a great way to elevate your look. You can have the braid in any head position and hold it with hair pins to blend with the rest. If you show off the braid, you can style the curls to represent your personality.

Loose Curls With A Dreamy Braid

5. Rainbow Curls

The unique feature of this hairstyle is the rainbow colors highlights. You will need an experienced hair stylist to trim the hair in portions to create distinctive layers. This is the best idea if you are looking for a hairstyle to rock for a party or the festivities.

This idea is just a grant for lovers of bright colors. It allows you to feature all the rainbow colors as highlights on your hair. The haircut plus the highlights in this idea will be the vibes of vibrant energy.

6. A Braid And A Bun

The cutting is done on the edges since you must leave the hair as long as possible. It is a good idea if you don’t have any more ideas for styling the free hair. You can get the braids from the two sides of the head and have them meet somewhere on the crown. Design a crown using the rest of the hair where you can hold all the hair up in a bun or hold some of the hair

Use hair spray to maintain the hair volume or mousse to keep it in place and shape. Ensure to show off the trimmed edges when styling since they are outstanding features besides the bun and the braid.

There are so many ways you can style a braid and a bun; it all depends on your creativity.

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