Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 10

Carl Weber’s The Family Business Season 4 Episode 10

By day, the upstanding Duncan family runs a successful exotic car dealership. By night, they run a dangerous underworld empire.

Watch carl weber’s the family business online on BET+. This is the season 4 episode 10 of the crime drama series that airs on Tuesday nights at 9PM ET. Read more about : carl weber’s the family business season 4 episode 10.

Charlotte Duncan (Valarie Pettiford) tries to keep her family together.

By day, the Duncans are a reputable exotic car dealership. By night, they live a dangerous secret life that puts them in the crosshairs of some of New York’s top politicians, mob bosses and drug cartels. The patriarch, L.C. (Ernie Hudson), is at the point where he wants to retire and pass the family business onto the next generation.

He chooses his youngest daughter Paris (Javicia Leslie) but her sister Rio’s lustful cousin Sasha (KJ Smith) is not about to be pushed aside. She’s smart, beautiful and sexy. She knows how to get what she wants – even if that means manipulating everyone around her.

Armand Assante as Sal Dash – Mafia crime boss and close ally of the Duncans with a major problem with certain changes to the family business. Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga – a savvy Mexican crime boss in Los Angeles who is a longtime foe of the Duncans.

Tami Roman as London Duncan-Grant – Harris’s wife and the oldest of the daughters, she plays the home body while still having her hands in all of the family’s business dealings. She’s also a master of seduction and knows how to manipulate the men in her life.

Clifton Powell as Uncle Lou Duncan – L.C’s brother and partner in the business. He gets his hands dirty both under the hood of cars and on the streets. He can’t help but be swayed by the lure of the beautiful, sexy and smart Paris.

Dylan Weber as Nevada Duncan – Vegas’ teenage son and the heir apparent to the Duncan leadership. He’s a smart, edgy and handsome leader in his own right. He’s not afraid to show his sensitive side but also has a mean streak. Throughout the season, Charlotte works to keep her family together and make sure they don’t fall off the wagon.

Elijah Duncan (KJ Smith) tries to get Sasha Duncan (Malik Yoba) to marry him.

By day the Duncans are an upstanding family who run a thriving exotic car dealership. But by night they lead a dangerous secret life and are constantly under siege from some of the biggest mobs, gangsters and politicians in New York. Now with the patriarch getting close to retirement, the pressure is on his children to step up and take control – because they’re going down either way.

In addition to a high-profile business proposition from Consuela, Vegas and Charlotte contemplate their fertility options and Brandi comes clean to the family. Magic Mike takes a promising 19-year-old under his wing and teaches him the finer points of dancing, partying and picking up girls at the club. But the Kid has some wild ideas of his own.

Harris Grant (Miguel A. Nunez Jr.) tries to get his brother London Duncan (Sean Ringgold) to join him in the business.

Despite the fact that the Duncan family appears to be a seemingly normal and well-off clan thanks to their exotic car dealership, Duncan Motors, it’s only a front for their illegal dealings with drug dealers, crooked politicians, and the Mafia. At the head of the clan is patriarch L.C. Duncan (Ernie Hudson), who is looking to pass on the leadership to someone else so he can enjoy his retirement with his wife Charlotte (Valarie Pettiford) and their grandchildren.

But it’s not going to be easy for anyone to step into his shoes. He’s had a hand in creating the business and has a reputation as a ruthless leader in both the legitimate and criminal worlds.

He’s also set to be joined by a number of new characters in Season 3. Stan Shaw plays Larry Duncan, L.C.’s older brother who is incarcerated in a mental institution and blames his family for getting him there. Sheila E will play Maude, a high-end manicure spa owner who is a front for a money laundering operation.

Also joining the cast is Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga, a shrewd cartel boss who is looking to mend fences with the Duncans but isn’t above stabbing them in the back. Yadi Rivera will play Consuela, his hot and fierce wife who is just as ruthless as her husband.

KJ Smith, who recurred in the first two seasons as Sasha Duncan, has been promoted to series regular for this third season. And finally, Jasper Cole, Lew Temple, Horace Dodd, and Sheila E will all be appearing as recurring characters.

The Family Business is airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on BET. You can catch up on Season 1 by watching episodes on demand on BET’s website or streaming service BET+. The show is also available to stream on Amazon Prime and Hulu Plus. The Family Business is produced by Carl Weber and stars Ernie Hudson, Valarie Pettiford, KJ Smith, Darrin DeWitt Henson, Javicia Leslie, and Sean Ringgold. It is based on the bestselling book series by author Carl Weber.

Consuela Duncan (Javicia Leslie) tries to get her daughter Paris Duncan (Clifton Powell) to work for her.

When a family comes under siege from some of the city’s biggest politicians, mafia, and drug cartels, it’s up to the Duncan clan to stick together and stay strong or die. The star-studded cast, led by Ernie Hudson as LC Duncan, also includes Valarie Pettiford as Charlotte Duncan, Armand Assante as Sal Dash, Emilio Rivera as Alejandro Zuniga, Miguel A Nunez Jr. as Harris Grant, and Nicholas Tutturo as Council Man Ronald Sims. KJ Smith as Sasha Duncan, Malik Yoba as Elijah Duncan, and Arrington Foster as Rio Duncan round out the rest of the Duncan heirs.

Paris is a sexy, smart, and confident woman who knows how to seduce and eliminate her enemies. She’s a natural leader in the business and her twin brother Rio is just as hot, but with his flamboyant personality, he manages a popular club & lounge instead of running the family’s car dealership.

The Family Business is a BET original series that follows the lives of the rich and powerful Duncan family who run a successful exotic car dealership. As they continue to expand their horizons and grow their empire, they draw the attention of some of New York’s top politicians, mafia, and drug lords.

It’s only a matter of time before the walls start to come down on the family. But, if the Duncans can keep their secrets to themselves, everything will be fine. Read more about : carl weber’s the family business season 4 episode 10.

Carl Weber, the author of several bestselling novels including The Preacher’s Son and So You Call Yourself A Man, served as executive producer. He wrote the series’ scripts along with Nikaya D. Brown Jones and Trey Haley.

The show is produced by Tri Destined Studios which creates content that empower, entertain and inspire urban and contemporary America. The studio is backed by entrepreneur/ CEO and partner Nikaya D. Brown Jones and president/partner Trey Haley.

The series is distributed by BET and airs Tuesday nights at 9PM ET/PT. The show is available to stream on BET+, Philo, FuboTV, Amazon Prime, and more. Follow the series on Twitter and Facebook for more. Also, check out the official website for more information on the show and to watch a full episode.

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