Can I Switch My Personal Injury Attorney?

Can I Switch My Personal Injury Attorney?

You have the right to switch your personal injury attorney if you feel you are not well represented. Many assume that after signing the contract to have one team represent you, you must stick with it until the case settles. Sticking with a lawyer who doesn’t have your best interests at heart doesn’t make sense. Here is more information on switching your personal injury attorney.

Is It Possible to Change Your Personal Injury Attorney?

Changing your personal injury lawyer in the middle of court proceedings is allowed in most instances. Generally, everybody has the right to pick what attorney they want to represent them. You can switch to a new layer anytime in your case if you change your mind. However, there must be some limitations when trying to switch lawyers.

How to Switch Personal Injury Attorneys

No fees or penalties exist when changing your personal injury attorney in St. Louis. Anybody unsatisfied with their legal counsel should consider finding a prospect from St. Louis personal injury lawyers. You must follow the required procedure to ensure you protect your rights.

Here are the steps to follow when switching personal injury attorneys:

Choose a New Law Firm

After deciding you need to switch attorneys, the first thing is identifying the new personal injury lawyer. You can request a free consultation to explain your concerns with your current attorney and the case. Ensure you discuss and understand how the new team will do things differently to deliver success.

Sign the New Lawyer’s Contract

After confirming that the new personal injury attorneys will deliver, it’s time to sign a contract with the new law firm. Do not shy away from asking questions to help you understand the agreement, especially on financial matters.

Note that signing the contract permits the new team to represent you legally. Your old attorney will get a notification only after signing the new agreement.

Allow Your New Attorney to Lead

The new attorney will handle everything immediately after you sign the contract. It will include preparing and forwarding the paperwork to notify everybody of your change in representation. They’ll inform your previous lawyer, the court, and the insurance company.

The new team will also need access to your case files and all relevant information to help them catch up on the case. It would help to note that the statute of limitation in Missouri is five years for personal injury claims, so time is critical.

Why People Switch Personal Injury Lawyers

Deciding to change your personal injury attorney in the middle of a case is not an easy decision. Several reasons can lead someone to make such a decision, and they include:

Bad Communication

Personal injury lawyers can provide the best experience by promptly answering calls and messages. Bad communication skills from the attorney lead to stressful episodes, especially when navigating the legal system. It is time to switch if you’ve had difficulty contacting your personal injury lawyer.

Inconclusive Explanations

Legal procedures are often complex, and the attorney must break down these complicated theories. You don’t know your rights and requirements if you’ve never handled a personal injury claim. If your attorney doesn’t explain your case’s progress, you’ll need a change.

Disagreements with the Case’s Direction

Lawyers are experienced in building a strong case using the information available while securing you the best settlement possible. However, the direction the lawyer suggests might not align with your expectations. Although they may be right, switching camps to one that understands your objectives is the best solution.

The need to change personal injury attorneys is uncommon in Missouri, as many are satisfied with their legal representatives. However, you should consider switching if you don’t feel comfortable with your current team. The information shared here will help simplify the transition from one attorney to another.

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