6 Underrated but Must-Have Features for eCommerce Mobile Apps!!

6 Underrated but Must-Have Features for eCommerce Mobile Apps!!

Nowadays, customers prefer to use mobile apps for their online purchases. Not only the eCommerce mobile apps provide a true native shopping experience, but also, the modern community feels safe while doing online transactions via mobile apps.

On top of that, there are various benefits of having Android and iOS Mobile apps for eCommerce-based online businesses. Even the eCommerce giants such as Amazon, Etsy, and Alibaba are managing most of their business via mobile apps.

For the same reason, it is a must to include some of the major features in the to-do list while going for eCommerce app development. In the following article, we are going to cover some of the trendiest eCommerce mobile app features of 2023. So, let’s dive.

Must-Have Features for the eCommerce-based Android and iOS Apps:

  1.     Multiple Login Options:

Login is the first stage of online shopping. Not only users prefer a simplified login and sign-up process. But also, the same buys the time for them to hover over the Apps. For the same reason, while working on your Android and iOS Apps, you should include plentiful social login options.

Instance, you can add Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Fingerprint login options in the Apps for your eCommerce business. Moreover, if you are PrestaShop, OpenCart, or WooCommerce-based online business you can check out Knowband Mobile App Builder for making zero-code Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

  1.   Augmented Reality:

Although augmented reality is a newly introduced feature in the eCommerce mobile app industry. Yet, we can say that this is going to be the future.

In the following feature, brands provide a real-time overview of the products to the customers. For example, if a user is checking a product (iPhone) via augmented reality, he can check out how the device will look on his end. The following amazingness empowers augmented reality.

Thus, in case you are willing to provide your customers with something special, augmented reality could be the next level feature you can add to your Android and iOS Apps.

  1.   Informative Product Pages:

Whenever a user visits an online website or Mobile App the product page is the most focused aspect. The reason behind the same is that product pages provide a detailed description of the product details.

Thus, while designing the product pages for your Mobile Apps you can include all the data. I.e.: short description, long description, product video, etc.

  1.   Social Sharing and Deep Linking:

Social media is one of the favorite places for users for spending quality time. Not only do people share their messages and thoughts via social media platforms. But also, these modern messaging platforms are a great way to share favorite items. Thus, the other incredible feature you should include in your Android and iOS Mobile apps is social sharing.

Furthermore, things are going to be quite easy if you use deep linking for providing detailed layered navigation to mobile app users.

  1.   Automated Location Detection:

The time taken in completing an order depends on the process of checkout. To complete the checkout, customers go through various steps such as address fulfillment, payment methods, mobile number verifications, etc. Thus, to shorten and make the entire process quicker, you can add automatic location detection on your mobile apps.

Likewise, you can implement the location detection feature for detecting the users’ addresses, phone number codes, and much more. Have a glance at Knowband Mobile App for your reference.

  1.   Chat Support:

Nowadays, online businesses come up with various strategies to maintain a healthy business-customer relationship. Live chat supports in Android and iOS Mobile Apps is some of the direct ways to utilize the business customer relationship.

Thus, while designing the Android and iOS App for your WooCommerce store, you can provide your customers with a live chat feature. Like Messenger, WhatsApp, Zopim, etc so that they can share all their queries and concerns with the business admins within a single tap.

In the End:

Mobile App Development is the latest trend in the eCommerce industry. Moreover, various online businesses are directly shifting to Mobile Apps before websites. Likewise, at Knowband having 13+ years of web and app development experience. We offer no-code mobile apps building solutions for the PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Magento 2, and OpenCart CMS platforms. Thus, you can find us at our email address [email protected] for getting your free demo apps.

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