5 Ways to Style a Plain Dress

5 Ways to Style a Plain Dress

You should feel good when attending social events, going for brunch or when planning an evening out, and dressing up is the key to looking and feeling great. But, more often than not, we put a lot of thought into our clothing for huge events with strict dress requirements.

A simple dress is a blank canvas ready for your artistic work. Because there are no hard and fast fashion guidelines, your possibilities for dressing it up are practically unlimited. However, there are some criteria to follow based on lengths and cuts, but the most essential thing is to have fun. In this article, we will go through 5 ways to style a plain dress.

1.     Wear it with a variety of belts.

Any ‘Styling 101’ list begins with determining your body type. Anyone who tells you differently is lying. Begin by determining your body type and what looks nice on it. If you’re looking for comfort plain sundresses can be a good choice. If you’re over 50 don’t worry! There are plenty of brands that offer sundresses for women over 50.

Adding a belt to a sundress can accentuate your waistline, creating a more defined and flattering silhouette, with a belt you can create a new outfit that makes you look smaller or taller while also showcasing your attention to detail. Define your waist by just wearing a belt! The only choices that won’t look tacky are broad or thin belts, elastic, or a gorgeous bow tied with a silk scarf.

2.     Accessorize with your Shoes.

You can transform your outfit from drab to beautiful with a snap of your heel. A trendy shoe is the easiest way to make a statement, and no, it does not have to be a high heel. Kitten heels are an excellent option for people seeking additional height without jeopardizing their foot or back health.

Short, mid-length, and floor-length dresses all look great with flats. However, flats can look too casual at times. Try a pointed flat with rhinestone embellishments on top for a grander appearance.

If your gown is simple white, consider a gold open-toe wedge with complementary gold cuffs and a gold, long-chain necklace. An orange envelope bag adds a pop of color.

3.     Wear Costume Jewelry.

It’s incredible what a piece of jewelry can accomplish. Dressing up your clothing with a necklace can elevate your outfit dramatically and draw attention to your décolletage without taking away from the rest of your dress. Alternatively, accessorizing your hands and wrists with bracelets and rings is also the perfect way to add some bling to your outfit without taking away from your dress. A gemstone brooch can instantly add an element of glamour and make your plain dress look expensive and the best part is, the placement is entirely customizable!

4.     A Blazer adds a refined touch.

Blazers have always stayed in style, from large designs in the 1980s to colorful ones in the late 2000s. Whether you like fitted or baggy blazers, you can use them to style your dress for any occasion. While concealing your dress behind a lengthy coat is unhelpful when trying to remix it, shorter coats are a definite yes. They’re one concept that always turns heads, whether you favor casual denim jackets or more formal designs.

5.     Statement Bag

When you’re going out for the night, a huge, cumbersome bag looks everything but stylish. If you’re wearing a knee-length gown, pair it with a little sequined handbag that you may wear around your wrist. If you’re wearing a short black party dress, a medium-sized single-flap handbag with a chain in any color looks fantastic.

Bags that are too big or too little might distract attention from you and your clothing. Choose a little to medium-sized purse to complement your outfit, and allow a statement bag to be the focal point of your look.


Do you have a basic one-color gown that fits fine but perhaps use a lift? It’s quite simple to style up a basic dress by adding some sparkle, carrying a statement and makeup look, or even dressing up with shoes and a belt.

Check out these suggestions and choose a few to help your gown shine. Instead of continually needing to buy new clothes, you may remix the classic items in your collection to create multiple distinct looks and turn a plain dress into a classy and elegant statement piece that can be worn in so many different ways.

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