10 steps to market your landscaping business

10 steps to market your landscaping business

You may need to face many challenges to successfully run a landscape business. In this business, you must deal with the red tape and government regulations and maintain a field staff that frequently requires on-demand help. If you manage to handle all such aspects, you still have to defend your brand from fly-by-night companies which are unprofessional and run below the radar.

A well-established landscaping business will become lucrative, but reaching that level is difficult. This blog is all about letting you know about the trending landscaping business marketing ideas which work!

Know the power of handwritten notes

You might be unfamiliar with this strategy, but this is one of the most effective for grabbing the audience’s attention. In this modern world, handwritten marketing notes via mail increase customers’ curiosity, and they probably open them. Handwritten direct mail enjoys an open rate of 99%.

Have a good business website

Come up with an attractive landscaping web design, as it is the first thing your customers will check in this online world. Make your website informative to keep the customers glued to it. An informative and attractive website has the power to convert website visitors into customers.

Sell with your content.

Landscaping is a complicated business as each region has its own set of plants, seasonal requirements, growing conditions, drainage needs and other factors. For homeowners, it becomes difficult to track everything and here comes the opportunity for a savvy landscaping business.

Guide the homeowners with your excellent landscaping knowledge, and they will reward you with their business. You can guide customers with flyers or online newsletters.

Come up with landscaping blogs.

Add a landscape blog section to your website to greatly blow your content marketing efforts. Google loves information, and the more you add relevant content to your website, the better you will be in its ranking. Post content regularly; come up with topics essential for your audience. You can talk about local plants, their maintenance procedure and more through your blogs. Also, make your landscaping website design attractive to impress visitors.

Offer pre-payment discount

Landscaping business often faces cash flow challenge as many onerous customers don’t pay on time. You can give customers pre-payment discounts when the contract is signed. It will allow you to have better control over your finances.

Use Google Ads for fast results.

Google ads are displayed on the top of the search engine page and allow you to track every activity of the visitors. If a visitor clicks on your ad, you will come to know about that. Also, if someone has made any activity on the website, you can track that too. Thus, it lets you know customers’ behaviour and you can change your strategy accordingly to those results.

Do SEO for organic results.

Even if paid ads give you instant results, you can’t ignore the power of organic results through SEO. Do SEO for your website and be patient. With an effective SEO strategy, you can improve your website ranking. The website’s placement on the first page of the search engine enhances customers’ trust.

Hire a photographer for your Instagram Feed

Open an Instagram account if you don’t have one. Post elegant photos of your landscaping designs to let your customers know about your talent. Yes, you can take the photos yourself, but if you don’t have that creative eye, it’s better to give this work to a professional.

Ask for reviews and ratings.

People love to read reviews and ratings of your previous customers. That assures them about your brand and builds trust. Request your customers who availed of your services to give you a rating on Google as per their experience. All such things matter a lot in grabbing customers’ attention.

Stay connected with the community.

People will show interest in your business when they know you. For this reason, it’s better to sponsor any event. You can also speak with your attendees through local garden shows. Let them know about your business and how you can help them. Be an excellent listener to understand their challenges and give your practical feedback.

Bottom Line

There are a lot of opportunities to market your landscape business. There should be an excellent marketing strategy, regardless of your tactic. Try the above techniques to see the difference in your business growth.

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